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Classic Gardens & Landscape, Inc. was founded in January of 1990. Previously in the same location was another landscape/garden center that Mike had worked with for five years. When that business left they took everything with them.  Mike and Ann started over from scratch.

The name Classic was chosen to signify the quality type of garden center that Mike & Ann had envisioned. But a name alone does not a garden center make. Questions were asked, “What is most important to customers that shop at garden centers?”. Our answers such as excellent quality and a huge selection of hard to find plants were obvious. But the most important asset of a quality garden center is excellent Service and very knowledgeable staff.

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Army Worms Attacking a Lawn in the Birmingham Area

Mike found these Armyworms feeding on a lawn in Hoover. This is on a lawn we do not treat. With this amount of Armyworms on the lawn, they will have a brown yard by tonight

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Fall Landscaping Ideas

Fall is just around the corner! Red and orange should be part of every fall garden-no matter your favorite football team!


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