Nature’s Fall Color

Beautiful landscape plants created by Nature available at Classic Gardens.

 camellia leslie ann

Leslie Ann Camellia

Upright, evergreen shrub
Blooms fall to winter
Large, double pink flowers
Part sun in the morning only
Grows 12' tall by 10' wide



Valuable plant used for hedges and borders
Attractive in 3 seasons; fragrant showy flowers in spring
 Green leaves in summer
Brilliant yellow, red, and orange fall color
Deciduous multi-season shrub
Attracts birds, deer resistant, easy care, native shrub
Prefers acidic soil and regular watering, especially in summer heat


Encore Azalea

Bloom 3 times a year
Varieties of color and sizes
Best time to plant is in the fall
Plant in full sun to part shade


Oakleaf Hydrangea

Deciduous Shrub
Long lasting white blooms in summer
Leaves turn purple, orangey-bronze or red in fall 
Best in afternoon shade area
Require little pruning


Ilex Verticillata-"Afterglow" Holly

Deciduous Holly
Birds love it
Excellent for mass effect
Requires waterside and wet soils
Requires male to set fruit
Grows 6-10' tall by 10' wide


Burning Bush

Vase-like, upright form
Brilliant, red fall color
Grows 4-8'tall and 3-4' wide
Great as a hedge or screen


Japanese Maples

Attractive foliage with red coloring turns brilliant scarlet in fall
Some varieties turn yellow or orange in the fall
Well suited for a small lawn or patio
Slow grower to 15 ft
Year round interest


Obsession Nandina

Upright, compact, dense form
Brilliant, red new foliage
Grows to 3' tall and wide
Plant in full sun to part shade
Evergreen shrub



Deciduous shrub
Bright yellow flowers in spring
Fast growing with upright and arching form
Leaves turn red in fall


Flirt Nandina

Deep red new growth
Grows 1-2' tall and wide
Plant in full sun to part shade
Great for accent, mass planting, or slopes

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