Tomato Growers Seminar

Our Tomato Program is famous nation wide. We have people from New York to Florida to California trying our recipe. Unfortunately, you will not find that recipe here. We will not fax it to you or email it to you. It is OUR secret recipe. Only those people lucky enough to shop with us can buy our secret recipe. How is it that our Tomato Program is nation wide? People visiting friends in the Birmingham area see these huge tomato plants growing. They ask questions and their Birmingham friends bring them to Classic Gardens. Please don't ask me to ship the program to you. We've had many successful customers with our secret recipe. Check out the Testimonials by clicking on the links to the right.

Mike Pender Classic Gardens

Feel free to email us pictures of your tomatoes.

Click below for pictures from our seminars.*



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*Classic Gardens will no longer be hosting an annual tomato seminar. Rather, each sales associate will be able to assist you individually and help you establish your own successful tomato program.