Lawn Fertilization Technician (Full and Part Time)

Job Description:

Full or part time positions available. This position is responsible for applying granular fertilizer and pesticides to residential and commercial properties. Candidates must also have strong organizational skills, ability to complete appropriate paperwork, and possess good leadership and communication skills. The employee will provide quality service, interact with customers and resolve conflicts. The employee will show attention to detail and effectively communicate with supervisors and customers. All employees will posess a friendly, customer service minded attitude and will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. All necessary training and equipment is provided to complete day to day tasks. Daily Responsibilities 1. Daily preparation of trucks, equipment, and inventory
  • Report on time at regular start time of 7AM unless otherwise notified, ensure paperwork is in order for days route, load and inventory truck.
2. Perform assigned task on client's properties.
  • Perform all tasks of operations including but not limited to application of granular fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, evaluating lawns overall health, notifying supervisor and homeowner of any insect, disease, watering, mowing issues, etc.
  • Address questions or concerns with the clients if approached. Communicate client's questions immediately to supervisor if you are not able to address concerns.
  • Understand and adhere to product labels.
  • Properly fill out and organize paperwork. Maintain accurate records performed and products used.
  • Ability to communicate over phone and in writing effectively is a necessary skill.
  • Adhere to company policies, procedures, and business ethics.
3. End of day duties.
  • Wash dirty equipment and return to storage location. Report damaged or broken equipment to your manager immediately so proper repairs can be made.
  • Remove trash and unnecessary items from vehicle.
  • Review and prepare for the next day's jobs. Some clients may need notification by phone call prior to servicing property.
Education and Experience
  • High School diploma or GED
  • Experience in lawn and landscaping industry is not necessary but is helpful.
  • Paid company training is provided.
Performance skills and qualifications
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs. + consistently throughout the day.
  • High attention to detail. We strive to provide the highest level of results as possible and demand this from each employee.
  • High ability to deal with customers and resolve conflicts.
  • Available to work a varied schedule, including Saturdays, in all adverse weather conditions.
  • Walk at a fast pace on a various types of terrain for 8 hours or more a day.
  • Ability to read and write English, including maps and diagrams.
  • Drug free work environment.
  • Valid Driver's License and clean driving record required. i.e., no speeding, DUI offenses, or vehicular accidents within the past 3 years.
Vacation, Pay, and Benefits
  • Two weeks paid vacation upon one year employment. Pay and benefits will vary and determined based on experience and pre-employment interview.
  • Additional pay will be considered for any industry related licenses and certificates.