We Deliver Fertilome Products

We deliver Fertilome Products to your door and make sure you are getting the right product for your lawn each month.” The “Fertilome Program” was not invented by Fertilome. It was invented by Classic Gardens and all others are only trying their best to copy us.  When you want to be  sure you are getting the right product for the right month, either shop with us or give us a call and we will deliver the products to your door.

#1 Fertilome Dealer in the US 15 years in a row
The first year, 1990, that Classic Gardens was in business, we did not show up on the Fertilome radar screen. There are over 8000 Fertilome Dealers nation wide and on three continents. The following year, which was really our first full year, we showed up as number 398 in the nation. We knew we had a lot of work to do. The next year, 1992, Classic Gardens was number 85 in the nation and was asked to speak to the Fertilome Nation at their annual stockholders meeting held that year in Aspen, Colorado. Mike Pender along with then retired President Gerald Ford were speaking on the same stage. Thank God that President Ford was not acting president or I could still be in jail. During my speech, I pulled out a cap gun and pointed it at the number one dealer in the nation, George Dege and said "George, I'm gunning for you," and popped off a cap! Needless to say, the secret service was not too happy about it, but no one panicked. The next year, 1993, Classic made it to number 10 in the nation, then number one! Every year since 1994, except for one, Classic Gardens has been number one in the nation.

We like to point this out, not only because we are proud of our accomplishment, but for two more important reasons. One to say thank you to all of our loyal customers and the other reason is to point out to those of you who are not using Fertilome Products, you should be. To be number one in the nation for a year or two would be great. But to be number one in the nation for 14 years running speaks of the quality and value of Fertilome that customers have come to recognize. Use the best products on the market on your lawn -- FERTILOME!

Mike & Ann in front of the huge chart at the Fertilome meeting. Mike is pointing to their number one ranking. See the next picture for more details.

The next picture shows in the first column how many stores you have. We have one store, the #2 company has 6 stores and the #4 company has 24 stores! Then after the first column the company name appears. The third column is City and State. The 4th column is your overall ranking for the year 2003.  You see we are number one. The 5th column is your ranking for 2002 you see we were number 2 over all but you can see we were still number one in the country with stores with just one location. The final column shows the percent increase or decrease for the year and you can see that we had a 20.3 percent increase for the year. Thanks!! This chart will list the top 400 retail stores across the nation out of 8000 Fertilome retail stores. "Back in the early days of my career the man with the hat in this picture, George Dege, from Minnesota, helped Ann & I learn about Fertilome. George was number one in the nation for several years. If you think about it here is a guy from Minnesota who is only open about 8 months a year and is number one in the nation. I certainly thought about it and thought to myself, "if George can do it, I can do it." George was and always will be quite an ispiration."  -- Mike