Green Fields

Every hunter knows the importance of having green fields for your deer. Green fields, if grown properly, provide much food value and with high protein content for your deer during the important antler growing season. We have different food plots for our deer. They can take advantage of early spring clover food plots that last well up into early summer. In the mean time we are planting either Lab Lab or Round Up Ready Soy Beans in late April for summer crops.

Round Up Ready Soy Beans

We choose the R.R. Soy Beans in fields where we know we have weed problems so that we can spray over the top and remove the unwanted weeds. The Lab Lab also is an excellent summer crop. Either one provides the highest protein content available.

What most hunters do not do properly is fertilize. We recommend and sell Fertilome fertilizers at very competitive prices

Most hunters use 13-13-13 Big Mistake. You should be using Fertilome. Let me explain why. The three numbers in fertilizer represent N-P-K or Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium or Pot Ash. In triple 13 you get equal amounts of all three and that is all, nothing else. Equal amounts is not good, that’s old science. In addition to that, the first number, Nitrogen, is only available in a quick release form that dissipates with the first few morning dews. It really only lasts about a week. The second number, Phosphorus, is already available in the soil in large amounts. It does not dissipate like Nitrogen does and rarely should you add any more. Likewise, the last number Potassium is needed in only small amounts.

Tecomate Lab Lab

That is why Fertilome Plus Iron is formulated as a 28-0-4.

  • First, you will have to use double the amount of triple 13 and you still won’t have as much Nitrogen.
  • Second, the phosphorus is taken out and the Potassium is in a smaller dose as it should be.
  • Third, the Nitrogen is a slow release lasting 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Finally and maybe most important is that you get many minerals and trace elements in Fertilome including Zinc, Iron, Copper, Boron and Manganese.

Deer as you know, know which plants contain the best food for them to eat. When you fertilize your food plots with Fertilome, deer like it better and grow bigger. Likewise, we have Fertilome products for your oak trees.Have you read something conflicting to what I just told you? Hey, the proof is in the pudding or in this case the proof is in the pictures. I don't care what you want to plant for your deer, use Fertilome Fertilizers and the deer will thank you for it. Check out some pictures from of our Hunting trips.

Look closely and you can see how the deer are feeding on the top leaves of the soybeans