Classic Fairy Ring

This does not happen from fairies playing on the lawn at night.  This is a difficult to control viral disease.
Use Fertilome Consan 20 to control.

Emerald Zoysia

Some Emerald Zoysia has acquired a genetic default not allowing it to green up in spring. Stay away from Emerald Zoysia.


Is this drought or something else?    How do you know?
If you guessed drought, you are wrong. This picture was taken June 16th and the damage is caused by Sod Web Worms. Right now Sod Web Worms are very bad. If you had a Professional Company, Classic Gardens, taking care of your lawn, we would be on top of it.


These two pictures are not actually disease even though it appears that way. This is caused by grass being mowed too tall and the grass lays over and suffocates the grass beneath it. Keep your lawns mowed at one inch or less and be sure to bag the clippings.

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