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I heard a story once that reminds me of the way we try to do business. The story is told of the New York agency that dreamed up a famous ad for a famous car. It read: “At 60 m.p.h. the loudest noise in the new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock.” With great pride an agency adman showed this creation to a visiting Rolls-Royce executive. Instead of elation, the executive displayed a worried frown. “We’ll have to do something about that clock,” he replied. Amusing story. But it makes a potent point. Dissatisfaction. The savvy manager’s constant quest for self-improvement. This is what we at Classic Gardens try to achieve every day, self-improvement.

Now this may not be the usual lawn care sales approach, but then we are not the usual lawn care company.

So, what makes us so different?

  • Quality – We will combine both quality materials and quality workmanship to help bring your lawn to its fullest potential. We use only the finest products and apply them in a safe, effective manner.
  • Service – Our turf specialists are trained professionals that are dedicated to serving you…the customer. Our representatives know and understand the special needs of your lawn and will be available to assist you should a question arise between your regularly scheduled treatments.
  • Scheduling – Proper timing of treatments is essential in producing and maintaining quality turf. We’ll put your lawn on a schedule designed especially for your geographical area. Timely applications of fertilizer, weed controls and insecticides will be made during the right times of the growing season to produce maximum results.

Classic Gardens wants your business. We can certainly give you a lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy. But we can offer much more. Please Give us a call today! . For those of you who want more details before calling, let me explain exactly what we do and why.

Sprays vs. Granules

We use granules exclusively. Granules are much longer lasting than sprays. Sprays often drift when sprayed. Drifting sprays can kill your shrubs or neighbor’s shrubs. Often time customers as well as neighbors will also complain about the vapors and smells of sprays. Some people even have allergic reactions. Sprays are tracked on the feet of pets and people and brought indoors to the carpet. Pets have been known to get sick after licking their paws. In studies, high pesticide residue has been found in residential carpeting where children play. There is also the possible danger of children rolling in grass even after it is dry and coming in contact with the chemical.

Granules immediately sift through the grass and go down to the soil level where they belong. People and pets can’t track them. Granules don’t stain. Many sprays stain concrete and if you track them in the house when wet, they will stain linoleum and carpet.

The effectiveness of sprays is questionable. The second they are sprayed, evaporation sets in. Then the sun starts to degrade the chemical further. Tank sprays lose their effectiveness after twenty-four hours, so you hope your lawn is being sprayed with a fresh tank. Often times after spraying, the grass is mowed and the clippings/chemical is removed. During fall/winter months the chemical is sprayed onto tops of leaves, and the leaves blow away. With granules, none of the above can happen. You put them down and down they stay. You can mow your grass afterwards because the granules are too far down to pick back up. If granules are applied on top of leaves, when the wind blows, the leaf turns over and the granules fall off.

Granules go only where you put them and that is where they stay. No smells, no drifting, no complaining neighbors, no allergic reactions.

Quality and Content of Fertilizer and other treatments

We use only Fertilome fertilizer, which is a complete granule fertilizer, with both macro and micro nutrients. Most companies use a 46-0- 0. The exact analysis of the fertilizer we use is 28-4-4 plus the micro nutrients of iron, copper, manganese, zinc and boron. The first three numbers are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. We will concentrate on nitrogen only since that is what lawns need the most. Micro nutrients are necessary for lawns to do well but needed only in small amounts. Even our pre-emergents are combined with fertilizer and micro nutrients.

Our program is based on using primarily Fertilome granulated products. All of our fertilizers, pre-emergence, lime, fungicides and insecticides are granulated. We try to control weeds through our use of pre-emergence. All weeds are not susceptible to pre-emergence, so for those weeds that resist our pre-emergence, we use a post emergence spray. Some weeds such as nut grass and Dallas grass do not respond to any type of treatment and are considered not curable. All products are applied in accordance with label instructions. We provide continuous service and will automatically schedule your applications from month to month and year to year unless you notify in writing to discontinue the service.

Now, I realize that this may seem like some lengthy explanations, but I want you to know that we know what we’re talking about.

Let’s address the last issue of slow release fertilizers. The technology has existed for years to make a fertilizer release so slow that only one application per year is necessary. However, the technology does not exist as to how to put enough fertilizer into that one application. In other words, if anyone put fertilizer on your yard only once per year, it would have to be so thick it would crunch when you walked on it.

We happen to believe that customers today are smarter and demand more value than ever before. We believe customers want to be well informed. Therefore, we explain exactly what we do and why we do it. We know that most customers will make the right decision. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 205-854-8001.

Mike Pender
Classic Gardens